Friday, July 3, 2009

So it's sink or swim...and I'm dropping like a stone.

Friday, July 3, 2009
So here I sit, with nothing.
I mean it, kids...NOTHING.

I can feel my guitar looking over my shoulder, taunting me because I can't seem to master C#m...
I can feel my sketchbook calling me, scolding me for not working on my commissions...

But I have nothing today. Except words...and we all know how useless those are.

I've been okay recently...trucking along. As long as I have something to occupy me, I'm fine, really, I am. Kind of like a long as I keep swimming, I won't sink like a stone. Or think too much, because that would be equally hazardous to my health.
But today...all I can do is think. And feel. And it SUCKS.
I mean...really?

I hear the staccato of rain...but I washed my hair already. The rain does nothing but keep me from comfortably walking to the park to sit on the swings and ruminate with my headphones on.

I find myself lonely, today. The kind of loneliness that has pushed me into relationships before.
I guess we'll see where I am when the dust settles.

Here's hoping I survive the weekend...
<3 me

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