Friday, August 21, 2009

I can't wait for you to shut me up and make me hip like BADASS...SHUT...IT...UP!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009
So there will be a distinct LACK of Sunseeker this weekend, as I can't possibly afford to go. Sadface.
Instead, I may be stomping around uptown...could be fun, could be an absolute DISASTER.

We'll see.

So I have a few songs I can't keep from listening to over and over lately:
- Schweine by Glukoza
- Christfuck by Wumpscut
- Shut Me Up by MSI
- Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde
- The Running Free by Coheed and Cambria
- No World for Tomorrow by Coheed and Cambria

*shrug* All pretty sexy stuff.

I am unable to sucks. I'm gonna have kind of a long day tomorrow...involving doctor's and needles.
But a possible weekend of stomping around Uptown, sleeping on either Dutch Oven or Zombie's couch could be relaxing.
More than anything, dancing so much on VB spoiled now I want to dance 24/7.

In other news...I really want a pair of pleather pants. No, really. Low rider, hug my ass and thighs like it's their job, loose below the knee into a nice bootcut pleather pants. Cuz it'd be HAWT.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For now we see through a glass, darkly...ourselves.

Thursday, August 20, 2009
I have become disgusted with the idea of Saint John society, people-wise.
I meant, look at it logically: I know of 2 girls who are considered "nice girls"...and they fuck everything that holds still long enough! I mean sure, they might be nice to talk to or hang out with (which they're not, BTW, they're horribly rude, self-centered, and just generally vindictive); but they were referred to as nice girls by a person I shall refer to as Cumstain in comparison to me, who apparently has "tarnished my reputation beyond repair because I keep picking apples from the same shitty tree. First [The Ex] and now [The Joke]."
Now, I'm surprised by this. On the one hand, girl A (who will be henceforth referred to as Emergency Stop (I'll tell you the story behind that at the end of this post) has had sex with no less than 14 of my male friends. Count 'em. But Cumstain still said "I think [Emergency Stop]'s cute, she's a good girl. Not like you come off..." On the other, girl B (her code name will be...The Noisy Crab; once again, story will be forthcoming shortly) is known for being dumber than a box of hammers, monumentally unfaithful, and for contracting curable but disgusting venereal diseases. Once again, Cumstain referred to The Noisy Crab as "cute," and implied that she was well-spoken, even poetic, which is ridiculous, because I've heard her speak and I'm not even sure she knows what a consonant is, much less a metaphor. Strangely, I never saw Emergency stop out with The Ex again. They might have been sitting in the same group, but they weren't together. She followed me around town for a while, going to bars and shows she knew I'd attend, but apparently gave up whatever she was going for after a couple of weeks.

I must admit, I have a special dislike for The Noisy Crab. The first time I met her, she took one look at me, The Ex (who was standing not too far away, trying to make me feel uncomfortable), and TFWM (The Fling Who is Missed) and her eyes narrowed, her nostrils flared...she then proceeded to flirt shamelessly with them...BOTH of them. Boobs ON them. She went home with The Ex that night, as Cumstain made sure to tell me the next day, and I at least LEFT with TFWM. I saw her not long after at some party, and she STARED at me the whole time, while whispering and pointing at me, puking whatever she thought she knew about me in the ears of her little "posse." I stopped running into her not long after, but I know several people who've known her since childhood, and none of them have anything good to say about her.

The point of all this swill was to make the point that the above 2 specimens are considered nicer and less slutty than yours truly.
Given, the only people who have referred to me as slutty are males I've refused to sleep with and females who don't like me hanging out with their males. But while the males defend these 2 cum receptacles, as expected, the females don't attack them like they do me. They befriend them. *shakes head*

I'm not sure this is the social scene I want to join if these are their standards.
Like a friend recently told me: "If you've been interacting with the likes of and especially [The Noisy Crab], you're running in the wrong circles."

One other thing bothers me about Cumstain's comments...and I leave it to my, like, 3 readers to answer the question and refer others to answer, so I can get a concensus.
An almost direct quote (grammar and spelling have been cleaned up considerably):
"Sure, you might be good, but [The Ex] is cute, and funny. For the shallower girls, he's got money. He can have a different girl every night, and does. For a guy, it doesn't matter if it's good, as long as he comes it's awesome. It's all about variety. And really, what guy would give up THAT much variety for a girl like you?"


Okay, the story behind Emergency Stop's code name:
My buddy Dutch Oven is one of the 14 males of my acquaintance to have had her. By his description, she doesn't even MAINTAIN her pubic hair, which gives her an vag-fro. The combination of the vag-fro and how completely AWFUL she was caused Dutch Oven to have to STOP THE SEX. Yes, folks, this male STOPPED HAVING SEX without his life or sexual health being threatened. She was THAT BAD.
Holy crap.

The Noisy Crab, on the other hand...well...
The noisy part is obviously. The bitch yells everything.
She was living with some friends of her brother, and they were hangin' around, havin' a drink, playin' some XBox or whatever. Relaxin' with no g's.
Anyway, she comes mincing in, and says "Can I tell you guys something?"
As one, they answer "NO!"
She replies "But you guys are my friends, I feel like I can talk to you."
"No, you can't! We don't listen!"
"But I know I can trust you guys to keep a secret."
"No, we'll tell everyone! EVERYONE!" (Which they did, obviously.)
She goes on to say: "I just wanted to say, I fucked this guy the other night, and I think he gave me crabs. I've been itching."
Who tells people that???
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