Friday, August 21, 2009

I can't wait for you to shut me up and make me hip like BADASS...SHUT...IT...UP!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009
So there will be a distinct LACK of Sunseeker this weekend, as I can't possibly afford to go. Sadface.
Instead, I may be stomping around uptown...could be fun, could be an absolute DISASTER.

We'll see.

So I have a few songs I can't keep from listening to over and over lately:
- Schweine by Glukoza
- Christfuck by Wumpscut
- Shut Me Up by MSI
- Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde
- The Running Free by Coheed and Cambria
- No World for Tomorrow by Coheed and Cambria

*shrug* All pretty sexy stuff.

I am unable to sucks. I'm gonna have kind of a long day tomorrow...involving doctor's and needles.
But a possible weekend of stomping around Uptown, sleeping on either Dutch Oven or Zombie's couch could be relaxing.
More than anything, dancing so much on VB spoiled now I want to dance 24/7.

In other news...I really want a pair of pleather pants. No, really. Low rider, hug my ass and thighs like it's their job, loose below the knee into a nice bootcut pleather pants. Cuz it'd be HAWT.

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