Tuesday, September 22, 2009

William Lee Meredith...May you rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Last night, I found out that a very dear friend of mine died. After 3 months in Iraq, he was killed by a car bomb.
I always did my best for him, but I couldn't give him the kind of peace he needed, so he enlisted and went off to a glorious death.

Lee...I begged you not to enlist. But you went ahead and did it anyway. You were always doing that: taking chances, pushing your limits. Some have told me they thought you had a deathwish, and that might have been the case.
I know you were troubled, and I always did my best to take care. Funny to see a boy calling a girl 3 and half years his junior 'Mom,' but that's the way it was.
Time and circumstance pulled us apart, but we always tried to stay close.

And now you're gone.
I miss you and love you, and hope you've finally found the peace that so alluded you in life.
And I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.

I hate everything today.

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melinda said...

We all are saddened by the unjustly passing. May Lee finally have found his peace. He was like a son of ours also. Matthew Moll-Gray was a brother in his eyes.
Please, if anyone has any information on memorial services/funeral contact Matthew Moll (Gray) @ 321-506-8848 or 321-676-0404. WE LOVE YOU LEE!

elmes said...

I am the editor of the paper in the town where lee's father works and we are looking for a picture to run with a story on lee's death
We are trying to avoid bother int he family as much as possible and i was wondering if we could have permission to use the photos posted on your blog
please email me at elmes3@hotmail.com to let me know

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